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Our first GDB puppy, a German Shepherd Dog by the name of Flan, entered a busy family household with a large free roaming rabbit, guinea pigs, birds, and two family dogs – an English Cocker and an Irish Setter.  Flan graduated and worked in Tucson, Arizona.  We were hooked!  Posie, a black Lab, graduated then came more and more.  The kids are gone and here I still am.

In 1995, I accepted GDB Leader responsibilities with a focus on Training and Socialization.  I feel very strongly about the role of the Leader working with the GDB Community Field Representative to provide support and problem solving for the raisers in order for pups and members to have a successful experience.  We have a terrific group of dedicated raisers who not only are a lot of fun to be with but who are providing an important community service as well.

Pat has raised many dogs, some of which include Flan, Posie, Razzy, Dara, Skylark, Tamara, KatoDexie, Tola, Elsa, Harbor, Alisa, Khaki, RickiReganMirandaReese, and Velma.

Pat has recently raised yellow female Labrador Retriever Velma.

Pat (Leader)

Pat (LASW Leader)

Pat With Velma

Pat with Velma

Pat With Velma In A Taxi At Disney

Pat with Velma in a taxi at Disney

Pat With Velma Boarding An OCTA Bus 2017

Pat with Velma boarding an OCTA bus 2017

Pat With Jess At 8 Weeks

Pat with Jess at 8 weeks

Pat With Velma And Taylor On A Bus

Pat with Velma and Taylor on a bus

Pat Presenting Zola To Katherine And Colette At Fun Day

Pat presenting Zola to Katherine and Colette at Fun Day

Training, Travel Day Annual Meet Downtown 2016

Training, Travel Day annual meet downtown 2016

Pat With Reese At UCLA Anchor Splash 2016

Pat with Reese at UCLA Anchor Splash 2016

Pat With Tracy, Brenda With Reese And Dreamer At Downtown Disney

Pat with Tracy, Brenda with Reese and Dreamer at Downtown Disney

Pat With Reese At Downtown Disney

Pat with Reese at Downtown Disney

Pat With Reese

Pat with Reese

Pat Holding Mollie With Jackson, Riley, And Pam

Pat holding Mollie with Jackson, Riley,and Pam

Rickey-Ricardo Sims And Pat With Landers

Rickey-Ricardo Sims and Pat with Landers

Pat And Gang At St Albans Church

Pat and gang at St Albans Church

Pat With Khaki At The Puppy Truck

Pat with Khaki at the Puppy Truck

Pat With Khaki At Graduation

Pat with Khaki at graduation

Pat And Kathy With Alisa

Pat and Kathy with Alisa

Pat With Alisa At Graduation

Pat with Alisa at graduation

Pat With Harbor

Pat with Harbor

Pat With Elsa At Graduation

Pat with Elsa at graduation

Grad With Tola And Pat

Grad with Tola and Pat

Grad With Tola And Pat

Grad with Tola and Pat

Pat With Tola At Graduation

Pat with Tola at graduation

Grad With Tola And Pat

Grad with Tola and Pat

Pat With Tola

Pat with Tola

Dr Liebl And Pat With Tola

Dr Liebl and Pat with Tola

Pat With Tola

Pat with Tola

Pat With Tola

Pat with Tola

5 Niles Pups: Judy W/ Tuck; Gail W/ Beverly; Pat W/ Tola; Joan W/ Butch; Bill W/ Hark

5 Niles pups: Judy w/ Tuck; Gail w/ Beverly; Pat w/ Tola; Joan w/ Butch; Bill w/ Hark

Pat With Tola

Pat with Tola

Pat With Tola

Pat with Tola

Pat With Dexie

Pat with Dexie

Judy With Cobalt, Gail With Tommy, Pat With Dara, Becca With Pandita, And Trish With Duman At Fun Day

Judy with Cobalt, Gail with Tommy, Pat with Dara, Becca with Pandita, and Trish with Duman at Fun Day

Pat With Skylark At Graduation

Pat with Skylark at graduation

Pat With Dara At Graduation

Pat with Dara at graduation

Junior Blind of America 2005 Volunteer Luncheon

Pat JBA Award
Pat JBA Award

On April 6, Debra, Foundation for the Junior Blind Director of Residential Services, presented the 2005 Volunteer of the Year Award from the Children’s Residential Program to L.A. Southwest Guide Dog Raisers Leader, Pat.

Guide Dog Users of California Special Recognition Award – 2006

Pat GDUC Award
Pat GDUC Award

On October 28, 2006 Leader Pat and members of LASWGDR were honored when Shirley (right) of Guide Dog Users of California presented a special plaque to a surprised Pat during ceremonies held in Los Angeles at the 2006 California Council for the Blind convention.

For the past several years, LASWGDR members have provided assistance to the hundreds of GDUC and CCB Convention attendees during their 3-day annual meetings in Los Angeles.

Manhattan Beach “Person of the Month” Award – 2010

Originally posted at on Wednesday, May 12, 2010

At the Manhattan Beach, Calif., city council meeting last week, Mayor Mitch Ward proclaimed Pat Whitehead, Los Angeles Southwest Guide Dog Raisers Leader, his Person of the Month for the month of May. Pat was honored for her more than 40 years as a community service volunteer with special focus given to her work for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Pat’s puppy raising group was there to provide support and were included in the photo with members of Manhattan Beach City Council (naturally, the council members specifically asked that the puppies be a part of the photo!). Of course, all in attendance were wowed by the excellent behavior of the canine participants during the meeting, including 4 month-old Khaki, the youngest puppy in the group.

The plaque presented to Pat reads:
The City Council of the City of Manhattan Beach does hereby proudly recognize Pat Whitehead for her distinguished service to the community and designate her as the Person of the Month. Dated this 4th day of May, 2010. Signed, Mayor Mitch Ward.

Kudos Pat!

Pat Receiving "Person Of The Month" Award From Manhattan Beach City Mayor Mitch Ward.

Pat receiving "Person of the Month" award from Manhattan Beach City Mayor Mitch Ward.

Pat Holding Person Of The Month Award In Manhattan Beach City Chambers

Pat holding Person of the Month award in manhattan Beach City chambers

Group By Pool May 2010 Award

Pat holding the “Person of the Month” award by the pool with members of LASW and their dogs

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