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As puppy Raisers, we love what we do. Because we are always eager to talk about our puppies and Guide Dogs for the Blind, our Leader and Raisers are available to give presentations to groups free of charge.

Along with our puppies, we give presentations to schools (from elementary through university), service organizations (Lions, Rotary, Kiwanis, Woman’s Clubs), senior citizen groups, religious organizations, retiree groups, vision impaired groups, Scouts and many others.

Melissa at UCLA Delta Gamma Presentation

Our presentations can be tailored to fit the needs of the audience and can include a range of topics, demonstrations, and audience participation activities including:

  • discussion about types of visual impairments
  • qualifications to receive a Guide Dog or a guide dog puppy to train
  • demonstrations of puppy handling and training
  • how to properly approach and pet a dog
  • description of the guide dog lifestyle from a guide dog user’s perspective

Naturally we allow time for our audiences to meet and pet our adorable stars.


In addition to the presentations discussed above, GDB and LASW attend events where we display an exhibit and participate in activities.

Our exhibit can be tailored to your event and can include:

  • on-going slide show of our pups in training
  • demonstrations of pups in action
  • brochures about GDB
  • some of the equipment used in training our pups
  • and, most popular of all, our puppies in training available for people to meet and pet.
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