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Reese - Black Female Labrador Retriever

Reese was born on June 13, 2015 to Male Yellow Labrador Retriever David and Female Black Labrador Retriever Estee. She was raised by Pat. The litter of puppies include two black males, Rhodes and River and three yellow males, Ross, Rowen, and Rupert. There are two females one black, Reese and one yellow, Rimmel. Reese’s shave mark was right shoulder RSF.
Litter videos: [06.14.15], [06.21.15], [06.28.15], [07.05.15], [07.12.15], and [07.20.15]
Litter photos: David x Estee litter, 6.13.15

Photos from GDB’s Breeding Stock Dogs on Flickr [Front] [Side].

GDB’s photos of Reese’s first litter on Flickr:  Kepler x Reese 4.24.17.

Katherine With Reese At The Puppy Truck

Katherine with Reese at the Puppy Truck





Reese First Bath, Yikes!

Reese first bath, yikes!

Emily And Audrey With Reese

Emily and Audrey with Reese

Miranda Teaching Reese Rope Play

Miranda teaching Reese rope play

Reese Swimming

Reese swimming

Reese Resting

Reese resting

Reese Resting

Reese resting

Pat With Reese

Pat with Reese

Reese - What's It Doing Now?

Reese - what's it doing now?

Reese Enjoying A Sunny January Day

Reese enjoying a sunny January day

Reese Taking A Bow

Reese taking a bow



Pat With Reese At Downtown Disney

Pat with Reese at Downtown Disney

Pat With Tracy, Brenda With Reese And Dreamer At Downtown Disney

Pat with Tracy, Brenda with Reese and Dreamer at Downtown Disney

Reese At Downtown Disney

Reese at Downtown Disney

Reese At Disneyland

Reese at Disneyland

Tom With Reese At 10 Months

Tom with Reese at 10 months

Emily With Reese

Emily with Reese

Reese At UCLA Anchor Splash 2016

Reese at UCLA Anchor Splash 2016

Pat With Reese At UCLA Anchor Splash 2016

Pat with Reese at UCLA Anchor Splash 2016

Pat With Reese At Olvera St.

Pat with Reese at Olvera St.

Reese Meets Mom (Estee) And Siblings At Fun Day 2016

Reese meets Mom (Estee) and siblings at Fun Day 2016

Katherine With Reese Testing Paw Pad At Fun Day 2016

Katherine with Reese testing paw pad at Fun Day 2016



Reese At 9 Months

Reese at 9 months

Reese Snuffelupagus

Reese Snuffelupagus

Reese With Some Of Her New Family As A Breeder

Reese with some of her new family as a breeder

Rreese's Xmas 2016 Stocking In Her Breeder Home

Rreese's Xmas 2016 stocking in her breeder home

Reese In Breeder Scarf

Reese in breeder scarf

Reese In Tahoe

Reese in Tahoe

Reese On Rocks

Reese on rocks

Reese Swimming

Reese swimming

Reese, To Be Sure

Reese, to be sure

Reese Cooling Off

Reese cooling off

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