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FGSD 9/4/2000
Tamara was raised by Pat.

Tamara At Graduation

Tamara at graduation

Ed With Tamara

Ed with Tamara


The ears on German Shepherd Dog puppies are wonderfully entertaining.
‘Tamara’ demonstrates all sorts of ear shapes in this series of pictures.

Hey, Look Everyone! I Can Make My Ears Go Part Way Up!

Hey, look everyone! I can make my ears go part way up!

Wow, They're Going Up Even Higher!

Wow, they're going up even higher!

Oh, Oh. A Strong Easterly Wind

Oh, oh. A strong easterly wind

Oh, Boy, Now A Strong Westerly Wind

Oh, boy, now a strong westerly wind

OK, Now I Think I'm Getting It!

OK, now I think I'm getting it!



This Is Very Distressing!

This is very distressing!

YAY! I Can Make Them Stay Up!

YAY! I can make them stay up!

FINALLY! I Can Make Them Stay Up Like An 'official' German Sheperd Dog!

FINALLY! I can make them stay up like an 'official' German Sheperd dog!

Well, Most Of The Time

Well, most of the time

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