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David raised Greta and Saturna.

David With Saturna

David with Saturna

David And Martine, Melissa And Anya With Roger Cardinal Mahony, Archbishop Of Los Angeles

David and Martine, Melissa and Anya with Roger Cardinal Mahony, Archbishop of Los Angeles at the "Festival de la Virgen de Guadalupe" at Cathedral of Our Lady of The Angels in Los Angeles 12/8/06

David With The Laker Girls

The Laker Girls join David at Read-A-Thon at Buford School

Fred, Gail, Karen, Melissa, And David At 1st Alumni Association Reunion In San Francisco

Fred, Gail, Karen, Melissa, and David at 1st Alumni Association Reunion in San Francisco 11-11-06

David And Melissa With Greta At The Puppy Truck

David and Melissa with Greta at the Puppy Truck

David With Martine, Melissa With Anya

David with Martine, Melissa with Anya

Melissa And David With Anya

Melissa and David with Anya

Melissa With Anya, David With Greta

Melissa with Anya, David with Greta

David With Greta

David with Greta

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