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(Puppy in Training)

Dover – Yellow Male Labrador Retriever

Dover was born on June 9, 2017 to Black Labrador Retriever Atticus [Front] [Side], and Yellow Labrador Retriever Ocean [Front] [Side]. He is being raised by Daya. He was a Left Shoulder shave (LS). The litter of seven puppies included yellow males Dalton, Dover and Duke, black females Dally, Delight and Diane, and yellow female Donna.

Note that Dover was the only yellow pup in the litter with a left shoulder shave.
Litter videos: [06-12-17], [06-20-17], [06-27-17], [07-02-17], [07-10-17], [07-15-17]
Litter photos: Atticus x Ocean 6.9.17.

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