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Meg With Milo


Meg is the mother of Elizabeth who is raising yellow male Labrador Retriever Milo. Meg has signed up as a Community member for presentations, and events. She attends meetings and is learning Guide Dogs R+ techniques.

Avanthi With Dover


Avanthi is the daughter of Daya who is raising yellow male Labrador Retriever Dover. Avanthi has signed up as a Community member for Puppy Sitting, presentations, and events. She attends meetings and is learning Guide Dogs R+ techniques whenever she is not busy pursuing her dancing activities.

Barbara With Cisco

Barbara HH

Barbara raised male Golden Retriever/Labrador Retriever Cross Cisco. She now lives with Career Change Miranda as a pet.
Barbara heard about L.A. Southwest at a presentation given by L.A. Southwest members to the Neptunian Woman’s Club.

Patt And Bill With Tomkins

Patt and Bill

Patt and Bill raised Hark, a female Labrador Retriever. They lived with male Labrador Retriever retired guide and Pet Ambassador Dog Tompkins. Patt and Bill assist with presentations and special events. They have been most helpful in facilitating community presentations.

Larry With Arbor


Larry raised his Career Change Labrador Retriever Delancey, a Pet Ambassador Dog and recently certified UCLA Pet Therapy Dog. Larry was the primary co-raiser for new Breeder, female Labrador Retriever Arbor. He provides important puppy sitting experiences for our pups.

Tom And Jill With Calypso


Tom raised Labrador Retriever working guide Janice and Career Change Pet Ambassador Dog Labrador Retriever Calypso. Tom co-raised new Breeder, female Labrador Retriever Arbor, with Larry. Tom participates in presentations and events and is a valued puppy sitter.

Joe With Working Guide Vino


Joe is a GDB alum and is partnered with a new guide, Vino, after his previous guide, Balsam, retired. Joe provides a unique look at the GDB lifestyle sharing his personal story at presentations and events, he is a great asset to L.A. Southwest. Joe and Balsam have together enjoyed travel and cruises at vacation time.

Melissa At Graduation


Melissa, a GDB alum, and her guide dog, Camry, has provided invaluable support and inspiration for L.A. Southwest. Sharing her story at presentations and events provides education to the public about blindness and related issues. Melissa has served as an outstanding representation of the ultimate goal for L.A. Southwest members and the community.

Melissa is currently an elected member the Board of Directors of Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc.
Melissa is also President of Paws of Fame Los Angeles, Alumni and Friends of Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc.

Follow Melissa’s adventures at

Karen And Manny With Asia At The Puppy Truck

Karen and Manny

Karen and Manny are planning for their next puppy. Meanwhile they are assisting with puppy sitting, presentations, and special events.

Karen and Manny raised working guides Glee, and Winsome, and Career Change Fina, and Asia.  Glee retired and returned home as a Pet Ambassador Dog. Fina provides service in Pet Therapy and in the Paws to Read program.

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