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Sandra With Ava At The Puppy Truck


Sandra raised her first guide dog puppy, female Labrador Retriever Ava. Sandra and her family have two Norwich Terriers, Olive & Noah, that helped raise Ava.

Becca With Trason


Becca raised four pups with L.A. Southwest and is now a Community member. Her son, Owen, helps our pups learn about interacting with young children. Becca’s beloved 13 year old Career Change Pet Ambassador Dog male Labrador Retriever/Golden Cross, Trason, crossed Rainbow Bridge and they now have a rescued Poodle mix.

Becca raised Pandita, Jericho, Loden, and Trason.

Riley And Pam With Cabana

Riley and Pam

Riley and Pam raised three pups with L.A. Southwest. They provide assistance as experienced raisers and live with Career Change female Labrador Retriever Cabana. Riley attends Brown University.

Riley and Pam raised Mollie, Sparkle, and Cabana.

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