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Dreamer – Yellow Female Labrador Retriever

Dreamer was born on February 10, 2015 to Male Yellow Labrador Retriever Joplin and Female Black Labrador Retriever Norma. She was raised by Brenda and Mike. The litter included black males Dapper, Deacon and Dan, yellow males Dario, Dom and Dougie, black female Dove and yellow female Dreamer. Dreamer’s shave mark was left shoulder (LSF), note: the left shoulder male was black.

Litter videos: [02.11.15], [02.18.15], [02.25.15], [03.03.15], [03.10.15], and [03.20.15]
Litter photos: Joplin x Norma litter, 2.10.15

Dreamer was recalled on July 17, 2016, and graduated on November 26, 2016 after having been converted to a right side guide dog.  She is now living in Austin, Texas.

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